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Gallery opening goes off without a hitch.

On December 10th 2022 BL!SSS House opened its doors for the first time with the grand opening of Costa Mesa's newest creative arts space. People came from far and wide to support this epic new endevour. Aside from the amazing prints and artwork, people were treated to a night filled with live music, free libations and all around good vibes.

Since the early 2000’s BL!SSS Magazine captured the kaleidoscope adventure lifestyles of surfers, skaters, artists, photographers, and musicians who shared the pure stoke and lucky fortunes of a tribe of like-minded people in the pursuit of life on the edge. The mag was also a beacon to our creative community of new and emerging talent. BL!SSS chronicled the careers of some of the world’s best artists and photographers who were creating and capturing moments in time and art, in moving expression that inspired all of those in pursuit of meaning and radical beauty. Many would tear out pages to tape to their walls, or make collages honoring their favorite issues or profiles. Today, through the relationships with countless creative icons built over BL!SSS Magazine’s lifetime in print, BL!SSS House, its natural successor, offers a curated collection of their art and images in a beautiful new home. Whether it be a favorite image or a piece from an artist you’ve been a fan of forever, BL!SSS House makes it possible for you to acquire the art and photography you’ve always wanted to own.


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